18 September 2017 Financial Wealth

Do You Want To Add Value To Your Drive Time?

Money is a function of time, and time is a function of money, how you use your time is one of the factors in shaping your financial future. Each day that you jump in the car is an opportunity to examine and develop your attitude to wealth and prosperity.

Look around you, pick out your dream car, the one you fantasize over with the gorgeous deep red metallic colour that sends the heart racing and smile to the face.  Its got a couple more zeros on the price tag than you could afford today, but hey we can dream, Right!   Once you have finished admiring the car that in your world only the wealthy can afford, have a close look at the driver, what sort of person drives this late model car?

What thoughts/ judgments do you have about the driver? Could you look them in the eye and feel genuinely happy for them? Would you be a willing participant in a conversation with them and listen as they enthusiastically explained the excitement they feel driving the car?

Are you able to celebrate their good fortune in having something that you desire?                                                               Would you be able to walk away from the conversation with a bounce in your step and holding joy that another has achieved one of your dreams?


Judgments around other people’s achievements is like building walls between you and yours.


Use your time and imagination while you are on the road, play with  the projects you are working on whether they are private or personal,  toss them around in your mind creating images and conversations, visualise what you would like to bring into your life.

For example, the car, what brand/model is it?   how many ks?   What does it smell like? Is it new or used?    What new features will your car have?  Is it fully electric or a hybrid?  Radar distance control, lane assist, parking assist?  Ya safer and no more fretting over parking, life has just got easier.  See yourself and friends or family touring the gorgeous beaches of Northland or heading South for a summer wine trail.


See it smell it touch it, know that it is already yours. Live it and give thanks in advance for what is coming to you.


Be the conductor  –  As you carry on driving down the road what are you listening to? music that brings joy to the soul or is the DJ spewing out pure verbal diarrhoea, if later hit the stop button and engage the mind.  Your brain is like the hard drive of the computer and the words and thoughts we down load are the programming.

Garbage in = garbage out.

Become the conductor of your own symphony, discard the drivel and ditch the bitching, use your time in the car consciously being aware of what is happening around you and accessing your own creative happy place to enjoy your drive. Training your brain to operate in a creative manner is about you determining your days, months and years ahead.

Money is a function of time and time is a function of money, value your time, value yourself.                                                 Question your beliefs, are they working for you? or is it time to upgrade them?                                                                                         Channel your thoughts, creative ideas and mental images to become part of the formula for attracting greater prosperity.

I wish you abundance in all areas and feel free to give me cherry smile and a wave when you drive past in your shiny new wheels.

By for now.




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