4 July 2017 Health & Wellbeing

The Power Of Words

I love Myself I Approve Of Myself.

Decades ago I used to ride around the farm repeating over and over the affirmation I love myself I approve of myself. I had read it and it resonated with me so my attitude was why not give this affirmation thingie a go.

The little jingle got stuck on play in my mind and a continuous sing along became the daily norm and this went on for months, the great thing was that nobody could hear me and the dogs didn’t care.

They could have time out and enjoy the ride while their boss searched for inner peace.

Is Anything Happening?

In time I slowly stopped repeating the mantra and questioned what had I achieved from hours of singing to myself.

Did I feel different? Did I love myself? Did I now approve of this man called Chris Turner?   Had I found inner peace, acceptance of my present position?

It was a whisper, just a fleeting thought that created the urge to use an affirmation and repeat it over and over. Did I know what loving myself felt like? No, did I know what approving of myself felt like? No. Did this stuff work? I didn’t know.

Did it feel like the right thing to do?  Yes


And yet in time change did take place, going to the local pub started to lose its appeal, going on a hunting trip but not taking a rifle the square peg is starting to show itself.

Farming was losing its gloss, the energy was dropping and the joy had gone from what I had envisioned was my future.

Farming had been at the very core of what I presented to the world and now that was being rejected, in doing so it opened up a whole bunch of other questions.

Who am I? What is my purpose? What other lies had I taken on to please parents and the surrounding community?

The inner restlessness to live with greater satisfaction guided me to explore self love and approval.

Becoming More Conscious

Today I know that loving/approving of myself is made up of a lot of little things, it is about listening to the whispers, the gut the intuition or whatever you want to call it and having the courage to follow its lead.  It may not make much sense to you and even less to those around you.

Loving yourself is about becoming conscious of your everyday mind talk, putting a halt to the endless judgement, blame and criticism from within that we have allowed to drag us down, sucking our energy and excitement for living, robbing us of our dreams and aspirations of a  vibrant successful life.

It is becoming conscious of how we are feeling, sometimes admitting that the rock we are sitting on is bloody uncomfortable and it is time for change. Trust yourself, trust your intuition and allow synchronicity to work its magic opening doors and creating opportunities to challenge your beliefs. A belief is something we have taken on from past experiences which in turn forms our version of reality.

If you want to make changes in your life question your beliefs,  question the experiences that formed them or whom they were handed down from. Are they true for you today? Be open to seeing things from a different perspective.


Each individual is unique and will need to discover their own way of nurturing self love and approval and discovering what feels right, what creates the inner glow of satisfaction and building trust within yourself and yet I have seen  some common threads.

My observations over time have provided some general thoughts, patterns and behaviours that help develop a new relationship with ourselves and a new way of being.

  •   Following your gut/intuition even though it seems a bit crazy.
  •   Celebrate your growth and successes along the way.
  •   Having someone you trust and can confide in.
  •   Dream, believe and take action
  •   Eat a healthy balanced diet.
  •   Be gentle with yourself when times are tough.
  •   It is okay to say no sometimes even though it may upset others.
  •   Taking time to connect and accept all our emotions.
  •   Having regular exercise, especially when working through change.
  •   Have boundaries in relationships of what is acceptable behaviour and what won’t be tolerated
  •   Accepting we are perfect within our imperfections.
  •   The power of words/thoughts create your reality. Be very careful what you think about.
  •   Dump old thoughts, patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you.
  •   Know that challenges are part of change and acceptance allows us to move forward.


When I first played around with the mantra I felt no different, there was no amazing instant transformation into total bliss every day and all is wonderful for ever after sort of stuff.

But today when I say the words to myself there is an inner feeling of contentment, I feel excited about the years ahead, gratitude for all that I am and all that I have and thankful for integrating new ideas and beliefs into my days.

Gratitude for knowing we can harness the power of words to create the change our heart desires.

I love myself and I approve of myself, are powerful words that can transform your life when regularly incorporated into your daily routine. At first it may feel false and there could be some  mind chatter wanting to poo hoo it and that’s okay, just carry on repeating and in time it will become second nature. It is the perfect way to spend your time on your daily commute, or as you pound the treadmill.

Remember, thoughts are things and what we think about expands.


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