Is it time for a loving relationship?
Is your relationship an emotional roller coaster?
Does your work mate drive you up the wall?

Case study  I

George’s marriage had started well, but as the years went by upsets became more frequent, arguments flared up out of nowhere followed by silence that would last for days.
Both George and his wife were committed to the marriage but communication was becoming more and more difficult, he was feeling trapped providing for the family but not gaining satisfaction from work, she was frustrated with their lack of goals and direction.

Working with me George began to see how his patterns and behaviour were affecting the relationship, he was not confident to have strong healthy discussions around their future which infuriated the wife.

relationship coachingHe began to identify his values, what he wanted to do and how he wanted live. He realised that he was scared of conflict, not just in this relationship but also in his personal and professional life.

Through using the tools provided George became more centred and self aware.

As his confidence and self belief grew he began to stand up for himself and communicate as an equal in the relationship. The relationship between George and his wife reached a new level of intimacy due to both parties getting what they wanted, George felt  safe to talk about what he wanted and his wife finally had a partner to plan their lives with.

Healthy relationships require equality. Both partners’ needs and wishes are equally important, otherwise one person feels less than the other.

Case study II

Michelle and her partner have been in a strong and caring relationship for many years. It was Michelle’s work place that caused her the grief.

relationship coaching TaurangaShe felt that she was taken for granted and talked down to which undermined her self esteem. Her supervisor did not listen to her concerns and she struggled going to work every day.

Empowerment from the inside out

Working with me Michelle built her self esteem and gained more confidence. When she began believing and valuing herself, the attitudes of her colleagues changed. By empowering herself she influenced those around her.

The supervisor listened to her concerns and took action. Michelle began to enjoy her work again.

She now has two options: stay where she is or look for a new position from a place of confidence in herself and her abilities.

Case Study III

Jim hated his job. He felt trapped and he knew he was becoming a pain for his team mates but he didn’t see a way out. He needed to work to pay his bills. The trouble for Jim was that his increasing grumpiness began to affect the people around him.

Who wants to work with a grumpy, unhappy person?

Using the Balanced Success tools helped Jim to understand how much he disliked his work and how difficult he was around his work mates. His workplace relationships suffered not because of who his workmates were, but because he didn’t want to be there.

relationship coaching AucklandHis grumpiness affected the family when he came home. Jim spent 8-10 hours each day unhappy – there was no way he could walk through the door of the family home and be a bunch of laughs.

We are at the core of all our relationships. Unless we can change, the world around us will stay the same.

If you change yourself you will change your world.
Mahatma Gandhi

The people business

We are all in the people business. Our relationships are interactions with everyone we come in contact with, every day. Social, Professional, Family and Intimate.

Our relationships are the core of everything we do. Doesn’t it make sense to grab hold of tried and proven knowledge that transforms how you present yourself to the world and, more importantly, how the world reflects back to you?  Anything is possible when the people in your life want to help you achieve your goals and support you in your daily activities.

Change just one person, you and reap the rewards of a smoother, more exciting and fulfilling relationships. It is time to start now.