15 August 2017 Career

The Illusion Of Job Security

His sense of frustration was obvious, his security is based on a job he no longer enjoyed,  a senior manager he doesn’t relate to and a pay cheque that may not be there after another restructuring.

These were my observations during  an appointment I had at the local bank, we started off by the consultant wanting to know what a life coach did.  I described how in midlife people start to question a lot of areas in their life, a common one is their career. They have been in this role for the 10 -20 years, it is the field they  trained in and were probably very good at it, yet the joy has gone from the role.

The realisation comes that they are not happy in their present work but have no idea what they would like to do. They have another 20 years of work ahead of them and that thought hits them like a freight train. They feel vulnerable due to age and responsibilities, the weight of a family to support,  a mortgage to pay and concern  about maximising their earning potential before retirement.

The big sigh 

At the end of the official meeting the consultant let out a big sigh as his shoulders sagged  and head bowed,  looking up he said at the beginning of the meeting you described both my wife and my circumstances plus  a lot of our work mates.

We want to a change jobs, careers, we know we are unhappy in our present position and we know this is affecting our energy levels.

At the  end of the day we are totally drained with nothing left to give but don’t know in what area we want to work or how to change, on top of that we have restructuring taking place in a couple of months.

False security

The new manager is driving him insane, there is another round of restructuring coming up and suddenly the feeling of vulnerability is showing its head, tension has crept into the office and the laughs have gone compounding his growing job dissatisfaction.

Restructuring can tip us out into the street forcing us to look at new opportunities we may  never have considered and with luck we find our perfect job. And yet for most the thought of no job = no money  is terrifying and feel forced  back into the same sort of role as fast as possible.

Planning your future

An alternative option is to have an organised transition from where you are today into a career that fully celebrates who you are, your talents, skills and passions,  both within your present career and outside of it. While still working in your existing job become very aware of what you enjoy and create a list.

  • I like that work is only 10 minutes away from where I live.
  • I really enjoy helping people, solving their problems.
  • My office feels homely, quiet and has a view.

Then as time goes by journal all the points you don’t like,  the process  is key in becoming specific  on what you don’t want to take into the next role,  unless we do this we will jump ship and create the same outcome all over again.

  • I am not being paid what I think I am worth.
  • I hate the constant pressure to sell sell sell, sales more important than customer.
  • The business values are not in alignment with mine.
  • The expectation to take work home for no extra reward.

Start with Gratitude

Starting this process from a place of acceptance and gratitude for our present job and all that it provides opens the doors of synchronicity and opportunity in attracting exciting new career paths faster than coming from a place of discontent.

As the years have gone by have your interests changed?  have you built up skills and knowledge out side of work  that you enjoy and  now with a bit of creative thinking  is  there an opportunity to start a new career.  First by testing and refining your product or service with those around you and from that building up a growing business, one that you can safely transition into while still working.

Thinking out side the box

That drone you bought a while ago to relieve the  stress and the  boredom of your job  could now become your future.    What would it be like to be paid to play with drones and be of service to the community, drones are used in real-estate marketing, health and safety, surveying, measuring crops,  the eye in the sky for fishing boats and now surf life saving.  Unheard of 10 -15 years ago.

Or the Waikato couple whose children first found some leeches on their property in northland and sent them to the Auckland zoo for a children’s  contest and years later have developed a  business selling medical grade leeches in NZ and around the world.    Sally Wenley,  A Bloody Miracle    Sunday Star Times  13/8/2017

“In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

Mark Zuckerberg

The changing world

The world around us is changing fast and some of our jobs will disappear as technology replaces the worker,  what was a safe occupation a decade ago no longer provides  the security it once did.

The ongoing restructuring within the banking sector is a prime example of this.

Change is constant through out our lives, we either adapt and thrive or become rigid in body and mind only to awaken years later and find we are no longer needed.

New career

 Drones transporting emergency supplies of blood sucking leeches from the farm direct to Waikato and Auckland hospitals would have sounded like science fiction a decade ago and yet could be a reality today.

What nagging idea is prodding you, wanting to become reality?

Where do your creative juices flow with the greatest of ease? lean into this and explore the possibilities. What are your options? A small tweak to the existing role or the creation of a niche service.

Security is an inner feeling, of knowing you are on track, being paid to live your life with purpose, bringing service and satisfaction to others through your passion.

I encourage you to embrace change and reap the rewards of that which your inner child seeks.

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