Health and Wellbeing

The Mind, The Emotions and The Physical body.

Does what we think affect our body?


Does it happen to you? You have to go to a business dinner or a social event that you just don’t want to be involved with but feel obliged to attend. It’s been on your mind for weeks. Then, unexpectedly, you come down with a cold, you’re sniffling and sneezing. You hate colds, but oh you are relieved. You can’t go to the event, you will tuck up in bed and relax instead.

What happened?

  1. You were invited to an event you didn’t want to attend.
  2. You said yes to please others.
  3. You did not want to go and spent time agonising over how to survive the event that stresses you for whatever reason.
  4. Your body reacted to align with your true feelings.

What are the  lessons?

health and well being

health and well being

If we ignore how we feel we create ill health.

How can we create a different outcome?

We are honest with ourselves and have the courage to say no.
We change our attitude about attending the event.

If our thoughts and emotions can create a bad cold because we don’t want to go out,  what impact do other internal dialogues  have on our bodies?

What do we do to our health and well-being if we keep working in a job we dislike? We spend a third of our day suppressing who we are to pay the bills. You might get up in the morning, go to work and come home angry. Angry because you dislike the work and angry because you feel trapped and need the money.

What do we do to our health and well-being if we are in a relationship full of put downs and manipulation. What are the long term effects on our emotional and physical body if we stay in environments in which we don’t feel safe to express ourselves?

Do you want to stay where you are afraid of those around you? Do you want to stay where you are not valued, where the lack of respect is draining and unhealthy?
Observing people who move from difficult relationships or jobs to one where they are wanted and appreciated for who they are and what they do has created life changing results

Our bodies reflect our thoughts and emotions

If you take notice of your emotional triggers and take the appropriate steps to release the energy behind them you can reduce your over eating, reliance on alcohol and energy drinks.

Emotional eating can be a trait that you picked  up as a baby or young  child, how often have you seen a child who is upset being offered something to eat to take their mind off the small accident they have just had. Emotional eating is a learned behaviour that we take on into adulthood, eating and drinking food we know are detrimental to our health.

When we release anger

Consider road rage. The man bursting into rage was already at boiling point, any small incident can be the ignition switch to set him off. Built up anger that had been simmering away for a long time needs to come out. We are like pressure cookers. If we learn to let off steam in a safe and non-threatening way – the cooker won’t blow up. You will feel better and those around you will feel safer and want to spend more time with you.

health and well being

recognise unhealthy energy

Use the tools from Balanced Success to become better at recognising and releasing unhealthy energy. You know you will feel a dam sight better if you make changes in the job or relationship that are not healthy for you. You know that holding it in doesn’t work – you tried, and your days just went from bad to worse

Prevention is better than cure

Our thoughts and emotions affect our health and well being directly. The benefits of using the specifically designed  tools and systems in my programme are better health, more energy for  whatever you are doing: working, playing sports or looking after the kids. You will be a healthier happier person who has greater confidence in who you are and what you want.

We can give ourselves the gift of actively helping ourselves, to start each day in a better frame of mind. A clear head and more energy encourages you to get out and do the exercise that  pumps even more feel good buzz into your system. You notice you are eating better and feeling great.

Having all the money you ever wanted is worthless if ill health stops you from doing what you want. Your health is crucial to the quality of your life. Look after your body and treasure it each day.

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