What is prosperity?

Being able to live how you want.

Prosperity is knowing that you are the creator of your goals and dreams.

Prosperity combines logical thinking with excitement and the imagination to attract whatever you want in your life.

Prosperity is taking responsibility for your present financial position.

Prosperity is using the tools and systems the coaching provides to create success in all areas.

Prosperity is making the shift: from continually wanting more and more money to come back to the present, and finding gratitude in what you have today.

Prosperity is saying thank you, thank you, thank you for the wealth that has come into your life by your shift in thoughts, beliefs and actions.

See it, Feel it, Believe it

Imagine looking into your bank account in a year’s time and see $$$$$. You have focused your thoughts and energy on your life’s purpose. As reward for the time and energy you spend every day doing what has become your life’s purpose, money comes to you easily. You are grateful that you have found what makes your heart sing, and you get paid handsomely for it.

financial wealth cash flow

Financial Wealth – Cash flow

You are finding it hard to believe how easy it has been to lift your cash flow way beyond what you are used to.

Does it sound too good to be true?
Are you struggling to relate to the above?
What is on your mind? BS,  disbelief and ridicule?

New Beliefs

If the  chatter is disbelief and ridicule, fantastic! I know that you can transform those thoughts and start creating the outcome you want. Having doubts at this stage is OK; it is a natural response. Your lasting prosperity, however, will come from changing your thoughts, habits and beliefs around your ability to earn and manage money.

Changing Times

These are exciting times. We see and feel the impact the shift in thoughts has on our daily life. At first small coincidences appear. You go to buy new cutlery and the set you want is on sale at rock bottom prices. Awesome!

financial wealth

Financial Wealth – Changing times

An unexpected pay rise or a contract that you thought you had lost comes in. The perfect customer who is fun to deal with pops up wanting to buy, and he wants to come back for more. Your monthly sales are increasing with ease; you notice people coming to you wanting your service unexpectedly. Money isn’t a struggle any more.

Something is changing. You are not sure what exactly, but it is exciting and your bank balance now puts a smile on your face.
For once you are starting to see a better future. You realise that you can have what you want. You can change your financial position and dreams that you had put on hold appear possible.

You are feeling better about yourself; you know that it is your work that has created these outcomes. This knowledge inspires and motivates, you feel awesome and your smile has returned.

When we have made the shift in perspective we can have whatever we want.
Time, money, lifestyle

Create the lifestyle you want

Use the tools and systems provided by Chris at Balanced Success and create the lifestyle you want. The process of transformation is exciting, challenging and full of rewards for those people who are prepared to take control of their life.  Prosperity is created by the decisions and actions you take.   Decide now to have  greater abundance in your life.  Contact Chris now.