Career Coaching

Are you the same person you were 20 years ago when you first started in your current career? Do you still have the same hobbies or interests, the same group of friends now?  Have you grown as person and yet you are stuck in a job that is no longer serving you?

What do you want?

A job is where you go to work to be paid for your efforts so you can feed the family and pay the bills. The week’s highlight is the weekend.  A weekend spent recovering from the work you don’t enjoy.

Your right livelihood is an extension of who you are. It reflects your beliefs and what you present to the world. Honesty and integrity are not a problem because you know your values and who you are. Working in your right livelihood you show your creativity and your personality shines, whether you are a carpenter or a school teacher.  You are in an environment that supports and encourages you to be authentic .

Your right livelihood comes from within. While working at a job your talent nags you, wanting  to come out into the sunshine and  play, wanting to show the world its presence. The talent you had all these years but haven’t had the opportunity to fully embrace.  Your talent and your inner voice are unique to you. Listen, trust and follow them and they will lead you to a life of great joy and abundance.

Trust & Transformation

Your transformation, once you start listening to your inner voice and make the changes you know are right, may not make a lot sense to people around you. You know your inner voice is right because you feel it at your core, and it becomes your guide. The way forward becomes clearer because  synchronicity starts to become the norm. Doors open and people encourage and support you as you make your transition from job to daily joy and satisfaction.

What people want – peace of mind, happiness
Judith Paterson

What is stopping them from getting it,

career coachingMoney, or lack of income I should say,  is what holds many people back from taking the step into their new vocation. Yet, when people become fully engaged in taking their service or product to the market their income rises, in some cases dramatically. I’ve seen it time and again.
It makes sense: when you enjoy what you do you focus on delivering superior service to people or businesses that appreciate you.

The Opportunity

The midlife career crisis is an opportunity for many people to acknowledge that something isn’t working. It is time take stock of where you are.  A great question can be.  Do I want to be doing this job in a years time or in -5 – 10 years?
If the answer is no, what are you going to do about it?

We can fight the inner turmoil around our career or give thanks for the sign post it is providing. Be open to the possibility of new and exciting opportunities ahead, and you will start to attract the outcome you want.

The desire to change careers seems to grow stronger as we head towards our 40s. A common theme I see is: I want to change, but I don’t know in what direction. I know I am not happy at the moment, but I don’t see an obvious way forward.

Creating A New Future

With 40 years of the system telling us what we can and cant do we can feel powerless to change. External and internal voices talk us down or create doubt in our abilities to make a transition. With Balanced Success you will use simple techniques to begin shaking off the years of conditioning and baggage that have been clouding your perspective of who you are.

In lifting the cloud we start to see and feel the real us, with less baggage to carry around our energy picks up, our confidence begins to lift and we are beginning to feel better about ourselves.
With growing self belief we are opening up to new ideas and possibilities around our work life.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
Albert Einstein

Discover the joy of being excited about your career, wanting to go to work because you have fantastic ideas and plans you want to show the world. Work has become a place to express your personality, to grow and learn. Work becomes an extension of who you are; it gives greater meaning to your life.

Having walked this path I know the rewards of finding clarity and purpose, for this  I am grateful every day.

I would love to help you discover yours.