31 October 2017 Uncategorized

Overcoming The Subconscious Tax On Life

How often has the feeling of fear stopped you from doing what you wanted to? Have you put a dream on hold due to fear of failure? Will you even allow yourself to acknowledge that fear is a part of your life. Some fear is primal, fight or flight, an instant adrenalin induced change happening within the body in reaction…

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18 September 2017 Financial Wealth

Do You Want To Add Value To Your Drive Time?

Money is a function of time, and time is a function of money, how you use your time is one of the factors in shaping your financial future. Each day that you jump in the car is an opportunity to examine and develop your attitude to wealth and prosperity. Look around you, pick out your dream car, the one you…

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15 August 2017 Career

The Illusion Of Job Security

His sense of frustration was obvious, his security is based on a job he no longer enjoyed,  a senior manager he doesn’t relate to and a pay cheque that may not be there after another restructuring. These were my observations during  an appointment I had at the local bank, we started off by the consultant wanting to know what a…

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4 July 2017 Health & Wellbeing

The Power Of Words

I love Myself I Approve Of Myself. Decades ago I used to ride around the farm repeating over and over the affirmation I love myself I approve of myself. I had read it and it resonated with me so my attitude was why not give this affirmation thingie a go. The little jingle got stuck on play in my mind…

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