Why do I coach?

I coach to help change lives as mine was changed about 11 years ago. I changed my life using simple tools that have become part of my daily life. I now use those tools to co create with my clients a life that has more fun and enjoyment, a life that is full of amazing possibilities for their future, a life that celebrates who they are.

My parents passed away when I was still in my teens. At age 18 I became a self employed farmer in the King Country. If you had of asked me in those years how I was doing my reaction would have been something like this: “Great, I am just fine.” After all, I was running the beautiful farm I had grown up on, doing what I had always dreamed of doing. My future was laid out in front of me and I lived a life that many people dream about.

Changing jobs but still the same person

Nothing could have been further from the truth. I was carrying huge amounts of pain . In later years I realised that I had shut down emotionally and knew I had to change. I sold the farm and bought a contracting business serving the Kiwifruit orchards. Unfortunately this turned out to be ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’: I was back into a 7-day-a-week business, grateful for the financial rewards but working with no passion or joy.

New location, same old problems.

For 20 years I had been asking myself questions, reading personal development books and attending workshops. Over time this had helped to create some shifts but I still felt stuck in a life I did not enjoy. I was still repeating patterns and behaviours that were giving me constant prods, but not the answers I was looking for.

I became so miserable that I gave up on my personal development journey and resigned myself to the thought that, as unhappy and angry as I was, this is as good as it gets and I had better just suck it up and get used to it.

Then I read a book that completely changed my life. That was in 2006. The book spoke to me at a level I had never felt before and it opened me up to how deeply unhappy I was. There I was, a grown man, a successful businessman, living what some people would call a pretty comfortable life, driving down the road bawling my eyes out!

What is my purpose

With the realisation of how unhappy I was I contacted the author who had been a life coach for  over 35 years. I asked him if I could work with him. A year of accelerated transformation followed, growth, ups and downs and discovery of my holy grail. In answering a simple question during one of our sessions I found the answer to what is my purpose? What am I meant to be doing?

Bingo,   Clarity, Direction, Purpose   Hal le lu ya!

And that is why I coach. Clarity, Direction and Purpose gave me a sense of peace; I had finally found what was missing.

My job is to help people discover their WHY and bring purpose and meaning into their day.


Today it is my privilege to be the only life coach in New Zealand who provides this dynamic transpersonal coaching. This form of coaching impacts all areas of people’s lives.

My personal journey continues every day. The coaching and the ensuing transformation has given me the reason to be, a greater understanding of who I am, love and acceptance of my imperfections and gratitude for the opportunity to work with people who want to find greater happiness.